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Your Lead Generation team in the cloud

Your Lead Generation team in the cloud


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It’s not enough to hire just any phone rep. Every industry is unique and requires specific knowledge to achieve success.

Overpass knows this and only pairs you with contractors with both sales and industry experience so they can hit the ground running.

Why Overpass?

Browser Based Calling

Our browser based calling platform cuts out overhead costs associated with outbound calling infrastructure and streamlines the process of building your outbound team. This allows you to hire your team and immediately deploy them to calling efforts.

Monitor Contractors in Real-Time

The browser-based platform means calls are always transparent and you’re always in control. Listen to calls, monitor quality, and improve campaign success.

Make Payday Hassle-Free

Automatically track activity and pay directly on the platform. You’ll only be charged for the time your team spends actively working on your account.


  • “We’ve had bad experiences with call centers. Through Overpass, I hired my own remote team that I have complete control over. I started with one rep to see how it worked and am continuing to grow my team.”

    David Grossman, National Cellular; Brooklyn
  • "I highly recommend this site. Such friendly staff and very professional, even extend help far beyond your main concern....Kudos to Garrett and Noemi!...god bless ya'll and Thank you so much Overpass!"

    Marvin Abordo, Telemarketing Expert
  • "I like the fact that when I made the job post the people who applied and that were suggested all matched exactly what I put in the job post. I'm able to see that they have experience in my industry before hand which is great!"

    Tiffany Tucker, Grace Acquisitions

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Contractors can call directly from the Overpass platform, so you can monitor your campaign progress and contractor success.

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Why Overpass?


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