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What is


Overpass connects phone talent from

around the world with businesses looking to build remote customer engagement teams to increase sales, generate leads and so much more.

What is Overpass

Overpass reinvents the way businesses connect with their customers by giving them an affordable all-in-one solution to hire phone talent from around the world and remotely launch and manage outbound call campaigns.

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Find the perfect agent

No more browsing through thousands of applications. Each week, we’ll send you a fresh batch of hand-picked, personally-vetted candidates.

Transparent Pricing

We’ve made our pricing as simple as possible. With our free call center software,  all you pay for is talk-time and your contractor’s hourly rate. 

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Make Standard Calls





Set up your first campaign and get

your reps right to work on our fully

integrated, browser-based platform.

Upload your leads

Easily upload and manage your contacts with custom fields and dynamic lists.

Start Calling

Use custom outbound numbers, calling  queues and our preview dialer to ensure success with your call campaigns. 

Write your script

Create personalized scripts to ensure  brand consistency by specifying exactly what agents should say on the phone. 


Gain real time insights into your reps performance get total visibility into every interaction with your customers.

Call Outcomes

Easily view the outcomes of all calls and quickly evaulate your campaign success.


Calls are automatically recorded and saved, and can be listened to at any time.


Gain insights into the performance and success of calls and campaigns.


No matter the size of your team or the number of features you use, we make it easy to control your budget with clear, easy to understand billing.

Status-based Payments

Pay only for the time your reps are actively working on the system–nothing more.

Pay Internationally

With reps from all over the globe, payments can get tricky. We handle international payments so you don’t have to.

Integrated Billing

We facilitate payments on your behalf and provide you with comprehensive invoices. 

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